Starting out with the Investment Temple
Some Background & Explanation

What it is....and what it isn't

New Investor Tool Kit (NITK for short) is not a get rich quick scheme but rather a plan to design & implement a well-researched approach that draw upon proven, wealth-building methodologies.  In fact, what is presented here has been designed and optimized by me personally from several different investment philosophies that I’ve combined over the years to best serve my needs.  I call my methodology the Investment Temple.

The Investment Temple is based on thousands of hours of personal reading, researching, analyzing & investing with various investment approaches over the last 25 or so years.  I am lucky to have found my passion in life - I know, I’m kind of a geek that way - so, I thought, why not share the best of my discoveries with those only starting out? 

In other words, I aim to remind you of that fatherly advice you may have received years ago (& ignored) or, more likely, never heard.  What I find most astonishing today is that very few schools, colleges and/or universities (including top MBA programs - I should know, I went to one) teach the basics of personal money management, much less investing for success. 

My target audience

My primary target audience is the millennial generation Yers (15 to 25 year olds) - and the parents and/or grandparents of generation Zers (< 15 years old; I'm a firm believer in parental involvement, to help children get on this elusive road to financial freedom...or to help find the road...or even tell them what a road is, if the age requires!) - as investment time horizon is key to this approach working well (although all new investors are welcom– I’m a generation Xer, so don’t want to not include 'my' generation!).  But put very simply, a little money invested earlier in one’s life is infinitely more effective than a lot more money in the 60+ stage of life.  Time matters…a lot. 

An investment system, NOT a 'hot stock' tip site

One important point to note:  the Investment Temple is meant to be a holistic approach (Wikipedia defines ‘holistic’ as “relating to a study of the whole instead of a separation into parts”) to managing your finances – i.e., what I don't aim to provide is hot stock tips.  Yes, hot stock tips are great – we all love them (alas, I'm no different and, in fact, this remains my biggest challenge with respect to remaining disciplined - inside my temple walls, so to speak.  Moreover, there are plenty of internet sites all claiming to provide this serviceand, ok, there are some solid long-term investment suggestions on this website as well...). What the Investment Temple aims to create, on the other hand, is an overall plan that covers all aspects of achieving financial independence.  I’ve yet to see the complete packaged approach that involves arming individuals with a plan that they can implement themselves.

Starter Kit Explained

As we prepare for our journey together in the New Investor Tool Kit, it’s important to have a common understanding of core concepts & terms.  Think of it as requiring basic tools & supplies in order to construct a temple. 

  • First things first, I encourage young/novice investors among us to start with Stocks for Newbies  as a basis for understanding the best (yes, the best over time) long-term route to achieving financial independence before moving on to other sections.
  • Then it’s off to the ancient hardware store to get our tools & then to the quarry to secure our supplies.  Which tools will we need to build our temple?  What supplies will we need?   Check out Tools & Supplies.
  • So we know about the basics of stock investing and have discovered various tools, what do we need to identify in order to begin our planning?  Well, we need to locate the money to order supplies and ultimately construct!  Therefore, all readers should look at Finding the $ to invest

After the basics are understood, it’s time to journey through the foundations of investment planning, design and implementation.  And it all starts with our temple metaphor.  And it begins with the most basic of questions, why a temple?

The journey through this website (i.e., its organization) is quite straightforward.  Essentially you work your way down the left-hand size navigation bar from the top (Starter Kit) to the bottom (actual product recommendations, called Top Tips).  The right-hand navigation bar is meant to provide additional supporting information that, to many, may be optional.

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