Occasional Glancer
aka checking in about 2-3 times per month

Description:  you set up your automatic investment vehicle, you choose your investment strategy & portfolio allocation.  And you monitor every several weeks, just to ensure you’re still making money (i.e., dividends are being paid, stock market isn’t getting hammered, etc).  

You may want to tweak your strategy every several quarters or so or make a new investment in a company that just opened up down the street & offers a unique product in your mind.

Appropriate for:  most people would probably fit into this category; especially those who are naturally inquisitive.  We all live life, right?  Every day we’re bombarded with multiple external stimuli – most of which is garbage but occasionally something tickles our fancy.  

For example, who hasn’t just experienced a new product or service and thought ‘heh, this company could be the next Microsoft, or Apple, or Cisco, or Starbucks, or Netflix, or Tesla (you get the idea).  And I want to get in on the ground floor!’  

I’m pretty sure in saying I think we’ve all had this type of thought process at least once or twice in our lives!

› Occasional Glancer

› Occasional Glancer
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