New Investor Tool Kit Logo
What is it supposed to mean?

This NITK logo is a young plant growing inside the protective cocoon of a light bulb.

The logo is meant to represent a young investor (either by age or by experience) growing inside a light bulb, a symbol often used to reflect new, innovative ideas.  

As the more technical folks amongst us may point out, there is a vacuum inside a light bulb - i.e., no air - so how could a plant grow?  Easy.  The New Investor Tool Kit provides the necessary nourishment for the plant to grow! :)

Well, then, they may ask - what happens when the plant grows too big?  The light bulb will restrict its size.  That, too, is easy to answer.  Have you ever seen the power of Mother Nature when it comes to plant growth?  Tree trunks destroy concrete over time, for crying out loud!  The thin, delicate light bulb glass would be no match for a plant that wants to grow.  As such, an investor who, as a Hobbyist, becomes an expert and no longer requires the protective cocoon of the light bulb can grow beyond the protective cover.  For the rest of us, growing inside the protection of advice, guidance and proven techniques ain't such a bad place to be.

Have fun!

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