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Hi, my name is John Bottomley.  I'm an American who grew up on the east coast of the US, stretching from Massachusetts to South Carolina, with many places in between. I now live in Europe with my family of 5, including an Italian wife and 3 tri-lingual children (each of whom have DRIPs in their names). 

You can find me on Linkedin (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/john-bottomley-cfa/3/16/aa7where you'll see my traditional creds...but not my practical “in-the-field” experience. 

I started my career on Wall Street at one of the premier investment banks – Goldman Sachs – back in 1990.  I got an MBA from New York University then moved on (and over) to Europe from New York, obtained a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst accreditation.  Side bar, this is an excellent program for the budding investor.  Check it out at www.cfainstitute.org) and spent the last two decades analyzing, recommending and making corporate investments for several Fortune 500 companies.  This is the so-called professional toolkit credentials.  But this experience only provides, perhaps, 25-30% of the tools & knowledge for my investment approach.  

Rather, the vast majority of my approach comes from a pure & unadulterated passion of all things related to investing – which means I’ve put in serious ‘sweat equity’ into my trade, devising & honing my approach to investing over many years.  I voraciously consume numerous investment newsletters & how-to books to improve my performance.  Add to this a natural bias towards saving, versus  spending, and the result is my personally-designed investment system that I, philosophically, call my temple of investing, emphasizing planning, products, patience & performance (the 4 Ps of success).  My system has an in-built safety mechanism to ensure that I remain disciplined in this age of consumerism.  Yes, even though I am a natural saver, I still have the same urges to buy, buy, buy various “New & Improved” products.  Ask my wife and she'll tell you I'm an early adopter of technology, par excellence

Heh, I'm only human after all - I, too, have my vices....my system, I believe, overcomes these vices...

One last thing - just so you know I walk the talk.  I mentioned that each of my three children have DRIPs in their names.  I fully intend for them to benefit from this long-term approach.  I hope you do as well - either for yourself or for your children.

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